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Case Study



Client Overview

A start-up technology software company striving to bring their blockchain platform to the enterprise across multiple worldwide geographies. Their solution is aimed at accelerating the adoption of these new technologies while working alongside legacy systems.

Project Challenge

At project kick-off the company had not yet addresses marketing as an organization.


  • No marketing strategy or goals in place

  • Limited existing resources lacking consistency and polish

  • Limited budget and time

  • Isolated individuals across a worldwide organization

  • Focus on enterprise client base without market recognition


Operate as the company's marketing organization, beginning with the development of their marketing strategy and moving to prioritized execution to support budget availability and rapid deliverable timelines. Our team operated on high efficiency to deliver huge results with limited resources.

Project Results & Successes

Within 6 weeks, we delivered an end-to-end marketing strategy outlining focused goals and key performance indicators to support detailed execution plans. The planned marketing build of materials was delivered ahead of schedule to accommodate for unplanned business milestones, including a full brand style guide and templates to support ad hoc content requirements across the worldwide team. The result of this 6 month engagement prepared the company for their initial public offering, showing their clients and investors that they were prepared to do business at the enterprise level.

Key Comptencies

Project Management
Marketing Orchestration
Core Messaging Development
Team & Resource Management
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