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Case Study


Channel Management

Client Overview

A fortune 500 global software company striving to transform an existing worldwide set of traditional DevOps partners into a community focused on driving direct revenue impact on behalf of the organization. Their organization was beginning to see value and an increasing need to focus on these partners in order to support future growth in the cloud.

Project Challenge

At project kick-off the current partners were not a part of the company's managed partner program for their work in DevOps and had no formal engagement from the team.


  • No tracking of partner impact in place

  • Lack of validated partner set to land marketing campaigns or technology developments

  • Limited engagement with existing partners, no community in place

  • No clear partner profile definition or understanding at a program level


Create a DevOps partner program and community, that recognizes partner expertise in helping organizations define, build, manage, and continuously deliver great solutions on premise and in the cloud by leveraging the powerful DevOps features of the company’s development platform. 


  • Create partner capability to move customers to DevOps solutions in the cloud

  • Build Partner capacity to scale across geographies, customer sizes, industries

  • Leverage the DevOps partner community to support the company’s position as the industry's DevOps leader

Project Results & Successes

Community evolution was achieved through depth and breadth strategies that leveraged a customized management tool built on top of the organization's support baseline to drive deeper partner engagement with specific technical, business and communication assets.


In 2 years, this smaller, strategic DevOps partner community delivered 398% growth in trackable revenue impact for the organization. This was accomplished through five strategies and supporting tactics:


  1. Solidify the existing partners into an engaged, contactable partner community with longer-term trust in their partnership

  2. Focus and simplify all readiness efforts to align with technical initiatives

  3. Create a top tier Board of Advisor from within the partner community who will regularly engage to drive the partner evolution, pilot programs, validate initiatives and support the sales field

  4. Create a wholistic view for the partner by combining all available programs and initiatives into a series of plays that lead to a single story of partner opportunity

  5. Track, analyze and report results

Key Comptencies

Marketing Orchestration
Core Messaging Development
Incentive Programs
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